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Weber Law Offices - What is Elder Law?

The lawyer who practices elder law may handle a range of issues but has a specific type of client — seniors. Elder law attorneys focus on the legal needs of the elderly, and work with a variety of legal tools and techniques to meet the goals and objectives of the older client.

The three major categories that make up elder law are:

  1. Estate planning and administration, including issues concerning taxes;
  2. Medicaid, disability and other long-term care issues; and
  3. Guardianship, Conservatorship, and commitment matters, including fiduciary administration.

Examples of issues that fall under the umbrella of elder law include: Social Security benefits; Medicare and Medicaid coverage; Medicaid planning (United States); pensions; retirement planning; wills and trusts; protection against elder abuse/neglect; fraud; end-of-life planning, nursing homes and in-home care; powers of attorney; physicians’ or medical care directives; declarations and powers of attorney; landlord/tenant needs; real estate and mortgage assistance; all levels of disability and medical care; various levels of advice; counseling and advocacy of rights; and, tax issues and discrimination.

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